About Eugene

Eugene Jewelry, a professional and fashion jewelry brand is founded in 1988.The owner of the company was grown up in Myanmar (Burma) where family own business was jewelry .So there is more familiar with knowledge of various germstones.
Since 1988, the owner have been importing jades and germstones from burma to Taiwan and also from different parts of the world that have finest quality of germstones.Eugene Innovative teams design to explore the Classic jewelry products.

Eugene jewelry products are breaking through the past sterotype of the customer to the jewelries.Eugene persists the concept of international standards and creates the proudful fashion style.Our products are designed mainly in style of "beautiful and elegant".Our designers use unique meticulous round inlay method to preserve the original beauty of gemstones and create a new sense of perfect fashion jewelry.

With the improvement of technology, synthetic gemstones are gradually filled in the market.But Eugene believes that only insisting the natural stones is the best way to allow customers to see the natural beauty of the supreme quality gems and precious stones. Eugene jewelry products are gorgeous, elegant and beautiful. We use innovative classic works allowing consumers to find the products belonging to the ancient heritage of the esteem.Only such works are deserved to present in front of the customers who are fond of Eugene products.

[ Professional management, Integrity services ] is the high principle of Eugene customer service.